Designer of Innovative Brands
About Me
I'm a designer with the lens of economy
Design is the art of crafting things that function effectively while also capturing attention. We live in an age where attention is the most valuable commodity in the market, determining the success of a product or brand from the outset. My role is to create long-lasting exceptional brands, conceptualise, test, and design high-quality products that are visually appealing, function flawlessly, draws attention and provide owners with every opportunity to thrive in the market.
Hi, I’m Ferenc Horvat.
Based in Stuttgart, Germany, and originating from Hungary, I have dedicated over ten years to contributing to the development of brands and products in collaboration with remarkable companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Deutsche Telekom, and 1886Ventures. Drawing upon my expertise, I assist partners in formulating design strategies, establishing impactful brands, and designing a wide range of products, including physical goods, corporate identities, websites, apps, and unique user interfaces. Throughout my journey, I have actively participated in establishing companies from the ground up and tackling innovation challenges across various domains, including automotive, aviation, e-commerce, entertainment, and sustainable development. Additionally, as an active entrepreneur, I embrace the daily challenges of the business landscape by developing and growing my side hustles.
Awards & Recognitions
German Innovation Award Multimedia
German Innovation Award B2B
UX Design Award
Red Dot Communication Award
Annual Multimedia Award
Apple Feature - Apps We Love
Behance Feature
Site of The Year Hungary - Industrial Web
Hungarian Magazin Design Award Shortlist
I love dealing with future-driven ideas, things that impact our life on a positive way, or things that bring something exceptional to life.